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Shawn Kelly is the CEO and founder of HifiPix, Inc. and is also the founder and president of Panamorph, Inc. – the world’s leading manufacturer of anamorphic lenses for high end home cinema. He is a graduate of the USAF Academy and has used his B.S. in Space Physics and M.S. in Engineering Physics in multiple roles throughout his career in the Air Force and multiple high tech startups. He is the lead or sole inventor of 20+ issued patents relating to optical and image processing technologies and is or has been a member of CEDIA, the Optical Society of America, the Consumer Electronics Association, the Blu-ray Disc Association, the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers and the Hollywood Professional Alliance.

Thank you for using WP QuickDraw!

While the internet and its applications have been moving forward at a fantastic pace, imaging technology – the bottleneck of bandwidth – is long overdue for a change. Cameras are making bigger and better images and even handheld devices are now capable of displaying them. In stark contrast, standard website creation still follows a seemingly archaic practice of shrinking and compressing both real and graphic images to low quality so they load fast. What’s worse is that while zooming in on those images is now a natural part of our daily connected experience, those larger images appear even more blurry.

HifiPix, Inc. has a simple mission statement. We deliver better images faster. That means significant actual and perceived improvements in image formatting, bandwidth, delivery and presentation. Our proprietary technology has many applications, but we’re starting with the WP QuickDraw plugin to accelerate the imaging and overall performance of the roughly 50 million websites created and managed using WordPress. WP QuickDraw is quickly downloaded and installed by the administrators of each of those sites directly from the WordPress plugin repository. It’s free. It’s easy to use. It’s compatible with other plugins like caching and image optimization. And it works. Pages load and the elements all settle an average of 10 times faster. That means people can see and engage with your website content that much faster. At the same time QuickDraw delivers image content as fast as possible with as much perceived quality as possible, but only just enough so that bandwidth and time are not wasted. And that experience is enhanced even further with QuickDraw Pro features, including the delivery of on-demand resolution so that zooming in on mobile devices finally gives website users the greater clarity and detail they’re looking for.

At the core of our advanced development is the new, patented imaging format called progressive PNG™, or pPNG for short. pPNG delivers lossless PNG images in multiple, increasing stages of resolution, each building upon the last, each delivered only as user demand dictates, and with a total bandwidth even less than that of the original image. Of course, WP QuickDraw works with common JPEG and GIF images as well, but we see pPNG as a key opportunity to deliver the highest image quality with the least bandwidth and the fastest presentation experience possible.

So yes, we’re replacing the paradigm of dumbing down images just so your webpages load fast. We’re saying go ahead – load large and load quality. WP QuickDraw will figure out the best way to deliver your high quality image content to your customers; your friends and family; your connected world. Thank you for being part of our journey.

Shawn Kelly
CEO and founder, HifiPix, Inc.