Behind the scenes

WP QuickDraw works behind the scenes applying new progressive and responsive rendering technologies to dramatically accelerate the appearance and functionality of your webpages for a greatly improved visitor experience along with higher Google page speed and search rankings. At its core, WP QuickDraw uses the HifiPix Application Programming Interface (API) to quickly generate multiple, optimally-resized versions of larger PNG, JPG and GIF images from your WordPress media library (from 768 pixels in width up to the limits of your particular WP QuickDraw plugin tier). These images are then stored in a WP QuickDraw directory on your WordPress server (or wherever your caching or CDN plugins may direct) so they are available when needed. With each visitor page request, WP QuickDraw then intelligently selects the best images from that directory, starting with an inline HTML Base64 encoding, to deliver a progression of increasingly higher quality renderings optimally responsive to your user’s device, including deferred lazy loading of off-screen images so they are delivered only when the user scrolls to them.

Highly accelerated website rendering using intelligently progressive image delivery

What does this mean for you?

  • Your initial webpage images are delivered extremely fast so that functional elements, the page layout, your visitor’s initial impression of each image and their ability to interact with the page is extremely fast. Note that at this time special images such as carousels and sliders (images manipulated by Javascript) do not benefit from WP QuickDraw.
  • Final images are optimized for a each user’s device to optimize bandwidth and are loaded only if the user remains long enough.
  • Your page speed ranking increases since the initial Base64 HTML encoding means there are no “images” during that initial page load to be detected by search engines. That higher ranking places your pages higher in searches and can even reduce paid search advertising costs.
  • You can now upload high quality images onto your WordPress website without concerns for user bandwidth limitations since WP QuickDraw will automatically manage image sizing for each webpage request.
  • Since WP QuickDraw is just storing images in your WordPress site for later intelligent, responsive rendering it works seamlessly with and leverages the added value of most caching, image optimization and Content Data Network (CDN) plugins.

And so, what does WP QuickDraw Pro Do?

WP QuickDraw Pro is a separate, subscription-based plugin that extends WP QuickDraw by processing larger and more images through the HifiPix API while also automatically adding TrueZoom, ClearView and Progressive PNG (pPNG™) features (see the descriptions on the WP QuickDraw home page). These special features dramatically enhance your user’s progressive image delivery experience, especially for PNG images used by 75% of all WordPress websites. How? Converting your PNG images to the pPNG format delivers progressively higher resolution images with lossless quality by building on the images already previously delivered – saving total bandwidth, delivering visual quality up to 5x faster than using standard PNG images, and using that progressive building process to get even higher “on-demand” resolution even faster when your users zoom in.