Getting the Plugin

Both the free and Pro versions of WP Quickdraw use the same plugin files, hosted on, for installation. Once the free version is installed, a Pro version license can be purchased directly from this site. Receive one year of plugin upgrades and access to support when you purchase a single-site license for WP QuickDraw Pro.

WP Quickdraw Pro can also be used on a trial basis. Try out Pro’s premium features for thirty days, with no strings attached and no credit card required.

Installing the Plugin

WP QuickDraw can be installed through the WordPress admin or manually by download the plugin ZIP archive using the link above.


Admin Installation

If installing through the WordPress admin, navigate to the ‘Plugins’ menu in the admin dashboard. From there click the ‘Add Plugin’ link and search for WP QuickDraw. This method only works on WordPress hosts that have file system writability enabled.


Manual Installation

If that admin installation method doesn’t work, you can download WP QuickDraw directly from Once you initiate download,  you will receive a ZIP file containing the WP QuickDraw plugin files.

  1. Upload the WP-QuickDraw folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the WP QuickDraw plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress


Enabling WPQD

The ‘Enable Plugin’ setting toggle controls whether WP QuickDraw functionality is enabled on your site. This setting allows the plugin to remain activated in WordPress but disabled at the settings level. When the plugin is first installed, this setting defaults to OFF, meaning admins must manually enable the plugin to get started. This manual step is in place to allow admins a chance to review settings before initiating image set generation. You can explore the plugin Configuration Settings on this site.


WP Cron

WP QuickDraw utilizes the WordPress cron (WP Cron) to generate image sets for each of your WPQD-enabled images as a background process. When you activate the plugin, it will run a compatibility check to verify that WP Cron is enabled and working properly on your website. If the compatibility check fails, you will see an error message at the top of your admin panel screen. To view the most common WP Cron error messages and how you can address them, check out the Support FAQ.

Activating A Pro License

If you purchased a Pro license, then after installing and activating your plugin, you’ll need to need to activate your WPQD license. Click on WP Quickdraw in your WordPress admin menu and select ‘License’ in the WPQD menu. Enter the email address/username and password associated with your user account.